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Fernando De Buen



With more than thirteen years of experience, Fernando has advised clients regarding labor and employment law and social security. His experience in this area includes matters related to labor compliance including the drafting and negotiation of employment agreements, as well as hiring strategies for both nationals and expatriates, strategies for terminating the employment relationship of high-level executives and employees, as well as the planning and execution of employee transfers, subcontracting regime, profit sharing (“PTU”), internal work regulations, internal policies, employee handbook, amongst others, applicable in companies.

Likewise, Fernando has successfully advised on the design of employment structures, compensation and benefits for executives and employees, as well as the negotiation and termination of collective bargaining agreements, advising companies in order to ensure that they meet all the requirements required by the labor laws, the labor authorities (both federal and locals), and internal labor audits.

Fernando has led highly complex consulting, as well as the opening, expansion and/or restructuring of the operations of companies in Mexico due to transactional operations (Due Diligence) both nationally and transnationally, which may originate from mergers & acquisitions,  or Joint Ventures agreements, without being limited to the development of new affiliates and/or subsidiaries, as well as the implementation of labor obligations in the creation of new companies, the analysis of the consequences derived from these and the planning of labor strategies to carry out the closure of company operations.

Fernando has represented clients in sectors and industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, aeronautics, finance, information technology, entertainment, mining and telecommunications, amongst others.

 Fernando has participated as a speaker in several forums regarding his area of expertise and has participated in the publication of articles of a labor nature.


Kavanagh Gorozpe
(Counsel 2023–To date)

González Calvillo, S.C.
(Asociado Senior 2019–2023)

Creel García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez
(Asociado 2017–2018)

Von Wobeser y Sierra
(Asociado 2014–2016)

Bufete de Buen
(Pasante en derecho/Asociado 2010–2014)


Universidad Castilla–La Mancha, Toledo, España
(Specialty in Labor Human Rights and Global Governance 2019)

Universidad Castilla–La Mancha, Toledo, España
(Specialty in Labor Human Rights and Global Governance 2019)

Escuela Libre de Derecho, Mexico City
(Maestría en Derecho Laboral 2013–2015)

Universidad Anáhuac México Sur, Ciudad de México
(Programa de Liderazgo, Desarrollo de Competencias y Excelencia Académica Vértice Anáhuac 2008–2013)

Universidad Anáhuac México Sur, Ciudad de México
(Licenciatura en Derecho 2008–2013, galardonado en tres ocasiones a la Excelencia Académica y beca por excelencia académica)


Universidad Anáhuac México Sur y Universidad Anáhuac México Norte, Ciudad de México
Profesor en la licenciatura en derecho (Derecho individual del trabajo 2024–Actualidad)


Spanish, English