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February 22th, 2024

On February 21, 2024, it was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation the agreement that modifies the relevant agreement that contains the general provisions for the registration of natural or legal persons that provide specialized services or carry out specialized tasks as provided in article 15 of the Mexican Federal Labor Law.

In this sense, as part of the modifications published to the agreement dated May 24, 2021 and subsequently modified on February 3, 2023, it is established that the REPSE must be renewed through the platform that the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (“STPS”) established for this purpose within a period of three months prior to the date on which the validity of the registration concludes.

Likewise, natural or legal persons who process the RESPE registration, or its renewal, may follow up on said procedures through the abovementioned platform using the assigned entry folio number.

Likewise, similar to the registration process before the REPSE, for renewal procedures the respective renewal notice must also be issued, which must include: (i) the registration number; (ii) the activity folio number for each service or specialized task; (iii) the name of the service or specialized task; and (iv) the name of the natural or legal person who filed such process.

Furthermore, the three-year validity of the REPSE will be counted as of the moment the natural or legal persons have been registered in the REPSE’s registry, regardless of whether they made modifications to their REPSE in the future.

Moreover, for the renewal of the REPSE, a module will be enabled on the aforementioned platform called “Registration Renewal” (“Renovación de Registro”) in which said procedure can be carried out on the dates set forth by the STPS in accordance with the following calendar:

Registration yearRegistration granting monthRegistration renewal month
2021JuneFrom March to May, 2024
JulyFrom April to June, 2024
AugustFrom May to July, 2024  
SeptemberFrom June to August, 2024
OctoberFrom July to September, 2024  
NovemberFrom August to October, 2024  
DecemberFrom September to November, 2024  
2022JanuaryFrom October to December, 2024  
FebruaryFrom November, 2024, to January, 2025  
MarchFrom December, 2024, to February, 2025
AprilFrom January to March, 2025  
MayFrom February to April, 2025  
JuneFrom March to May, 2025
JulyFrom April to June, 2025
AugustFrom May to July, 2025
SeptemberFrom June to August, 2025
OctoberFrom July to September, 2025  
NovemberFrom August to October, 2025  
DecemberFrom September to November, 2025
2023JanuaryFrom October to December, 2025  
FebruaryFrom November, 2025, to January, 2026
MarchFrom November, 2025, to January, 2026
AprilFrom January to March, 2026  
MayFrom February to April, 2026  
JuneFrom March to May, 2026
JulyFrom April to June, 2026
AugustFrom May to July, 2026
SeptemberFrom June to August, 2026
OctoberFrom July to September, 2026  
NovemberFrom August to October, 2026  
DecemberFrom September to November, 2026

In the event that the renewal process is not performed within the dates established by the labor authority, once said period has elapsed, the platform will disable the renewal module and the REPSE will be cancelled; therefore, a new REPSE shall be processed and its validity will be counted as of the moment the natural or legal person is duly registered with the labor authority.

Once natural or legal persons obtain the renewal of their REPSE, they must notify said issue to third parties who benefit from the services or specialized tasks provided

Finally, the published agreement indicates that those REPSEs issued from January 1, 2024 onwards must consider their renewal in the months assigned for the years 2022 and 2023 in accordance with the aforementioned detailed calendar.